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Let go of something, somewhere.

Use yoga to become aware,

To touch what lies beneath

The surface of the skin.

Is there tension longing

For release; a knot of

Fear so deep and familiar

That you believe it’s

Part of who you are?

Ease into dark corners,

Locked rooms, unexplored

Hallways. Gain entry

Not by force or will

But only by softness.

Enter on the wings of breath,

And turn the key of self-acceptance

To let go of something,



 - ‘Let go of something’ by Danna Faulds


My belief is that we should be mindful not just with our mental and emotional state, but also in how we feel physically.

For over 25 years I have practised various styles of yoga without having this awareness; pushing myself into shapes my body didn’t like, but ignoring any messages of pain or discomfort and blindly following the traditional teaching techniques that ‘this is the way’.  I believed that this was right because yoga is good for you….right? Subsequently, after many subtle injuries, I began to realise something in my practise didn’t suit me, but yet still continued in this way for several years more! Yoga can be a wonderful addition to your life; not just physically, it benefits mind & soul also, but ultimately your own body’s innate wisdom is the best teacher and so should be listened to carefully!

Because of the uniqueness of the human physiology & bone structures, we are all built with slight but nevertheless fundamental differences from our neighbour on the mat or our teachers, so it is relative that one shape; one yoga pose would not necessarily fit all.

Sentio yoga will help you to develop a practise suitable to your own individual unique body and the inner intelligence; becoming aware of what feels good and right for you. I chose the name Sentio because of its Latin meaning – ‘I feel, I experience, I sense,’ and I believe this is the most important aspect of any physical activity - “does this feel right for me? For my body?”

Listening to what feels good and right for me,  allows for softness, freedom and a good healthy range of movement in the muscles and joints and gives permission for sensible and functional activity.

'Let go of something...'

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