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Pain is a message, it is a call to action. It is sent from the brain to the affected area to encourage you to take appropriate action. If we couldn't feel pain we would be unaware of escalating problems and we wouldn't take care of ourselves in the correct way. So pain is good, right? Yes, but some pain can remain long after it is of no benefit for you. 

If you have been diagnosed by a doctor and they have prescribed pain medication and cannot help you any further, then Oldpain2go could be for you.
This talking therapy was created by Steven Blake and has had incredible results worldwide. 

It works by 'brain bargaining' - challenging your sub conscious to determine whether the pain messages it is sending you are necessary and appropriate; this can lead to dramatically lowering pain levels or sometimes becoming pain free! This would depend on what your body believes to be safest for you at that time.

Sessions are usually around an hour with an initial consultation beforehand. Generally only one session is required. 

COST: £50 for consultation and session

This is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, assessment or treatment, and is simply a way of you changing your perception of your current pain levels. It is not a treatment for pain, it does not prevent future pain, nor does it numb the area. Prior diagnosis by a medical professional is required.


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