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About Me


My name is Mandy Young and I am a Transpersonal Practitioner, Mindfulness coach, Hypnotherapist, mindful embodiment yoga teacher and Psychedelic Integration Coach.


Having previously worked in the education sector over the last 11 years, working with children and young people, and seeing varying degrees of stress within schools with both children and adults, I decided to share with others what I have learned from practicing Mindfulness. 

I have been practicing mindfulness for a number of years and have studied and received instruction in Mindfulness with Children, Mindfulness in the Workplace, and completed Mindfulness Now teaching qualification

I have also studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with the British Mindfulness Institute and Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; along with the Masterclass Mindfulness and Compassion for Health with Vidyamala under the reputable Breathworks organisation and am registered as an OldPain2go Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I have completed the training as a yoga teacher with FeelNow yoga. 

I am a qualified Transpersonal and Psychedelic Practitioner. I studied and qualified with The British Transpersonal Association.

The evidence from extensive research around Mindfulness proves numerous physical and psychological benefits, but as a result of my own practice, I have discovered for myself, a reduction in stress levels, an increase in positive feelings and have over time developed an aptitude to managing reactions to negative emotions (always ongoing!)

The sub-conscious mind is an extremely powerful thing. We have a downloaded 'programme' in our minds - our belief system which can influence us positively or not! Hypnotherapy helps to 're-programme' in a healthy and positive way helping us to make changes in our thinking, which leads to changes in our behaviour and our lives. Practising mindful yoga is a very beautiful practise and would encourage anyone to try this, no matter your age or your ability.

I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others and I look forward to sharing with you.

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