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I work very intuitively, so there is no set programme. These sessions would be beneficial for those suffering with anxiety, depression, any negative thinking, or for those who just want to be more calm and relaxed. The sessions would also work for eating issues, poor body image, or for those struggling with various addictions. This work is based upon emotional integration; dealing with past emotions that have not been dealt with and are left within the body and can cause emotional and physical problems for our future. I work holistically - working towards wholeness, re-connecting you to your soul. This work is not for the faint-hearted, so only work with me if you feel truly drawn. 

We can work together via Zoom; an initial consultation to develop an understanding of your needs and to ensure the relationship fits for us both would be the first step. The sessions would last 6 weeks and would consist of mindfulness practise, cognitive behavioural techniques, Act therapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching.


Sessions last around 1-1.5 hours

(payment for the full 6 weeks required in advance to ensure full commitment)  

1:1 Sessions -  6 week programme


LENGTH: 1-1.5hrs

PRICE: £50.00 per 1:1 session, £300 for 6 week programme

(6 weeks, payable in advance) £50 for the initial consultation.

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