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Beneficial for those suffering with anxiety, depression or obsessive thoughts, any negative thinking ...

Examines the connection between our brain and body, and notices how we think affects ...

A 3 hour stress reduction workshop for staff or a 6 week after school program ...

Various groups can be arranged to cover specific areas, e.g. overeating, parenting ...



Feel free to get in touch with any queries. I am happy to chat over any questions you have about the sessions or pricing

Location: Bradford/Leeds/West Yorkshire


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Mandy Young

Mindfulness Practice Coach, Hypnotherapist & mindful yoga teacher

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher. I work with companies delivering stress reduction workshops and also  individuals looking to make changes within their lives. Applying the skills I have learned along the way including from my own practises, I have bumped into my current career; working with those who struggle. That might be with addictions, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or just struggling with life in general. My commitment is to love you, to strengthen you and to help you get to a level of freedom from the things that are obstacles in you achieving your best life.  

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